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12 June 2021


Zahra and Hafsah Syed

Sisters Zahra and Hafsah from Dublin are many creative strings to their bows. Both featured in the recent ‘This Is Art’ an inclusive nationwide, young people’s art competition and digital gallery run by RTEjr. Zahra likes to paint – “I find art relaxing; it helps me forget about everything else around me. I live in a large family so it can be quite hard to find a quiet space to paint. When I am doing my art I tell my family not to disturb me or make any noises around me as I like to concentrate when I paint.”

Sixteen year old Hafsah loves designing with henna “I’ve been playing around with henna since I was very young.  For celebrations such as weddings or Eid, we always gather around at home and draw henna designs on one another. It definitely is an important part of my culture and it’s an important part of me. 

You have to be very careful when drawing on henna; you need to really focus on the design you are making. What I like most about using henna is if I were to make a mistake, it doesn’t affect the design in a negative way; in fact it creates a more interesting design than before”