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12 June 2021

A Tale of Cork: Clíodhna and Her Songbirds

  • Performance

Cork Community Art Link celebrates this Cruinniú na nÓg with an installation based on Cork’s mythology. Clíodhna, an Irish goddess of love and beauty, happens to be a patron of County Cork. She is said to have presided over the Celtic Otherworld: a place of happiness, for hunting and feasting, where neither death nor aging occurred. Clíodhna is also said to have three brightly colored birds who eat apples from an otherworldly tree and whose sweet song heals the sick. Once those unwell hear the sweet birdsong, they fall into a deep sleep and awake after a period of time, healed from ailments and renewed.

To celebrate Cruinniú na nÓg, you can visit Clíodhna and her birds and hear their song. This installation will showcase a collection of poetry read by city residents of all ages with a birdsong background, edited by Cork community Art Link.

The Installation will take place in Bishop Lucey Park in Cork.

Cork Community Art Link


25 Grand Parade

12 Jun 2021

Age range

All ages