15 June 2019

Balance Bike Skills

  • Workshop

Balance bikes are bikes without pedals which help teach children the skills of balancing and steering before moving on to a pedal bike. 

Children improve balance, confidence, and general skills on balance bikes, making the transition to cycling a bike easier. 

Balance bikes also let kids use their feet to stop, steer, and turn around, giving them more control. Participants will weave through the obstacle course and road signs to complete the course and earn their certificate of completion.  Bikes are available for kids to use so please pop by and get involved.

Workshop capacity: 16 per session


11am-11.40am | 12pm-12.40pm | 1pm-1.40pm | 2pm-2.40pm | 3pm-3.40pm



Russborough House & Gardens

15 Jun 2019

11.00AM - 3.40PM

Age range

0 - 4