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13 June 2020

Big Stories from Little Worlds

  • Workshop

The world seems smaller as we all grapple with the same challenges the Covid-19 pandemic has had on ordinary people’s lives across the globe. 

Our Children are the truth tellers. They see things in a unique way. And the world is still a big place to them. They are the centre of their world and their stories are all that there are in their lives right now.

Let’s ask them, let’s listen to them and let’s record them to remind us of how this time was interpreted by them. 

An Táin Arts Centre and LMFM are looking for ordinary families to ask their children the following questions and to record their answers and send them by WhatsApp to An Táin Arts Centre, where they will be collated into a short audio documentary, that will give us a unique insight into how the Global Pandemic Covid-19 crisis has been interpreted by Irish Children living in Louth. 

1) What do you think Covid-19 / The Virus is? 

2) Do you think it’s a good / bad thing? Why? 

3) What’s something that has made you happy in the last few weeks? 

4) What’s something that’s made you sad in the last few weeks? 

5) If I could have one wish right now what would it be? And it can’t be for five more wishes!! 

For more details follow the link below

Big Stories from Little Worlds

Online Event

13 Jun 2020

11.00AM - 2.00PM

Age range

All ages