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12 June 2021

Build Your Own Wigwam and Totem Pole

  • Workshop

Join dlr and Wicklow Willow as we learn how to make totem poles and wigwams as part of our Summer Outdoors in dlr programme!

In a series of video workshops, we will show children and adults how to forage for materials and then how to work together to create a highly decorative, colourful, and creative totem pole as well as a wonderful, fun wigwam to play in all summer!

For this programme, dlr will premiere a Wicklow Willow video workshop each day at 12 noon from Wednesday, June 9th to Saturday, June 12th on the dlr YouTube Channel. The workshops, as detailed below, will guide participants each step of the way in building their totem pole and wigwam.

Foraging for Materials: Aoife will guide children and their parents into their local green areas, woods, and laneways to carefully look for suitable materials for their totem pole and wigwam.

Making Your Totem Pole: This workshop will show children how to clean, paint, and put up their totem pole with parental guidance.

Building a Wigwam: Children and parents will learn how to build their wigwam using their gathered materials. They will learn to weave, tie, and support their wigwam so it lasts the whole summer. 

Decorating Your Wigwam: Children will learn how to decorate their wigwam using wool, string, paint, and upcycling techniques.

Note: These workshops are for children working together with and being supervised by an adult. 

dlr YouTube Channel

Online Event

09 Jun 2021 - 12 Jun 2021

12.00PM - 12.00AM

Age range

All ages