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12 June 2021

Ceramics Workshop With Ian Carty

  • Workshop

Ian Carty is a ceramics artist that has created his own unique Dragon Glaze style. Join him in this pre-recorded video where he will discuss the secrets of his fascinating glazing. Ian hopes to share his knowledge with budding ceramicists and inspire them in their own work,

The video will be available on the Sligo County Library Facebook page in the days leading up to June 12th.

To take part you will need:

  • Air drying clay 
  •  A rolling pin 
  • A non-stick surface (plywood or MDF is good)
  • A craft knife (blunt) or a kitchen knife (please be mindful of sharp objects with young children)
  • A ruler
  • A small painting brush
  • A sharp pencil
Visit the Sligo County Library Facebook page on 12 June to see this video

Online Event

12 Jun 2021

11.15AM - 11.35AM

Age range

All ages