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12 June 2021

Character Creation Workshops

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Character Creation Workshops – suitable for children & young people – with artists from Brown Bag Films animation studio, in collaboration with Grasshopper Events.

Doodimals! with Gloria Gambino Ages 5-8years Do you like to doodle? Do you love animals? A workshop on drawing cute animal characters. Gloria Gambino, 2D Design Supervisor at Brown Bag Films, will show children how to draw a variety of adorable creatures and how to add details to give them their own story. You need paper, a pencil & colouring materials (markers, pencils or crayons).

Animal Mix-Up with Mårten Jönmark Ages 9-12years Discover how to create quirky characters in Animal Mix-Up, a drawing and visual storytelling workshop. Emmy Award-winning Episodic Director at Brown Bag Films Mårten Jönmark will show children how to give human characteristics to animals and how to portray different traits and personalities. You need paper, a pencil & colouring materials (markers, pencils or crayons).

Line of Action with Carmine Pucci Ages 13+ Action-packed workshop for teens, Carmine Pucci, Assistant Art Director at Brown Bag Films, will show how to create movement when drawing characters.Starting with a simple line Carmine will demonstrate how to give characters motion, actions & gestures. You need paper, a pencil & colouring materials (markers, pencils or crayons). 

Online Workshops for inquiries 

12th June Online Workshops Videos will be available through the Dublin City Arts Office Vimeo Account

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12 Jun 2021

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