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12 June 2021

Chester Beatty Library

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  • Exhibition

Take part in a variety of events designed by the Chester Beatty to express your individuality and creativity for Cruinniú na nÓg.  From storytelling, to arts and crafts activities, to baking, there will be something for all abilities and ages on Saturday 12 June, 10am 

Cruinniú na nÓg is Ireland’s national day of creativity encouraging children to get creative, develop an appetite for discovery, and acquire new skills. Join us to do just that!

Online Storytelling for Families: The Boastful Crow 

Meet a curious hand-puppet Gimme, the baby-vulture, who wants to be the best flyer in the world and Simone Schuemmelfeder from StoryGate to hear the story of The Boastful Crow who challenged a goose to a flying competition. Who will win? (Age group 3+) 

Online Activity for Families: Surimono Zines 

Celebrate Cruinniú na nÓg and create an 8-page zine inspired by the beautiful Japanese surimono prints in the Chester Beatty collections. Surimono prints combine poetry and images. They were made in small numbers by poetry clubs and shared among friends, much like contemporary zines. Why not post your finished zine to a friend? In this video workshop we will be folding, cutting, sticking, drawing and writing. Hope to see you there!   

Online Activity for Teens: Mediterranean Dessert 

Kataifi is a very popular dessert in Turkey, Greece and the Middle East. Follow this simple demonstration and learn how to make this crispy, delicious, golden-brown dessert.  

Chester Beatty Library


12 Jun 2021


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