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13 June 2020

Cracking Stone with Fire, Water, Plugs and Feathers

  • Workshop

“Cracking Stone with Fire, Water, Plugs and Feathers”: a stone-carving workshop

(Age group 6-18 years/Time: 2.30pm/County Tipperary)

Nothing compares with the thrill of the first pair of eyes to see a 340 million year old life form.  To prepare a piece of stone for carving we first need to get it to the rough shape we need – this we do with the aid of Plugs and Feathers, a most useful tool, the form of which hasn’t change since Roman times.  It’s a feast for the senses – the ringing of the metal in the stone…the crunch deep within the stone just before it yields….the smell of fish…Yes! the smell of fish still lingers from the fossilised remains of the creatures it took to create a piece of carboniferous limestone.

This 30-minute live on-screen workshop will be delivered by Philip Quinn of Stonemad from his studio in Holycross, County Tipperary.  The workshop is being presented on behalf of the Irish Georgian Society and the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht.  There will be opportunities to ask Philip questions after his live workshop.

To join Philip’s 30-minute live stone craft workshop, which will be delivered through Zoom, click on the link below to join in.

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Online Event

13 Jun 2020

2.30PM - 3.00PM

Age range

All ages