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13 June 2020

Create your own Sketchbook and Unlock a World of Creativity

  • Workshop

If ever there was a time to keep a Sketchbook, now is it!Sketchbooks are an essential tool in your creative toolkit and a portal into your mind.

Join us as we create our own Sketchbooks using basic materials. Together, we’ll create Sketchbooks with various simple binding techniques. We’ll also explore ways of personalising Sketchbooks to make each one unique and an expression of you.

We’ll discuss how to use your Sketchbook as a visual diary, as well as techniques in observational drawing. Come away from the workshop with knowledge and confidence to begin making your own Sketchbooks for years to come.

The workshop is recommended for ages 6+ but really any age can get involved, all the way up to young adults.

The workshop will be posted as a video on the link below on June 13th and you’re free to participate at any time throughout the day that suits you.

Create your own Sketchbook

Online Event

13 Jun 2020

11.00AM - 5.00PM

Age range

All ages