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12 June 2021

Creative Adventures with Leaves and Paint

  • Workshop

Nature artist Sue van Coppenhagen leads children and young people in an online journey of discovery through nature by collecting leaves from nearby plants and trees.

Taking place over three online sessions, participants will explore the shape and form of the leaves, examining textures and details, and learning how to interpret them in imaginative and creative ways.

These sessions are suitable for all ages but an adult or older child should help younger children. The activities will include painting, printing, and exploring the properties of wax, water and paint. All art materials used can be easily found at home or from an arts and crafts shop.

To coincide with Cruinnú na nÓg a taster video will be released on on Saturday, June 12th. Three further videos will be released on Wednesday, June 23rd; Wednesday, July 7th; and, Wednesday, July 21st.

Participants can view the videos online on or after their release date and step-by-step instruction sheets can also be downloaded from the website.

Creative Adventures with Leaves and Paint

Online Event

12 Jun 2021 - 21 Jul 2021

Age range

All ages