15 June 2019

Creative Tubbercurry

This initiative will involve a number of organisations in the community, including Foroige, No Name Club, Laugh Out Loud, Tubbercurry Tidy Towns, and Sligo Leader Partnership.

The plan is to hold a series of workshops on different topics over a four-week period, which will involve both the group leaders and the young people in activities such as T-shirt art, screen printing, digital photo editing, and DJing.

The plan is to unveil the art installation piece at a ceremony/party on 15th June. The display will consist of a mural-like wall of white T-shirts that captures and reflects participants’ own personal perspectives on the culture of their community, using a mixture of media to include fabric markers, screen printing, and photographic printing of their digitally altered images. 

The display will be hung in the library with coloured wooden hangers to create a visually appealing floating mosaic of colourful T-shirts.




Tubbercurry Community Library
Humbert Street

15 Jun 2019

2.00PM - 5.00PM

Age range

All ages