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13 June 2020

Dancing Monsters and Listening Funnels – Sound Experiments with David Beattie

  • Workshop

Artist David Beattie will explore the physical properties of sound through a series of short experiments.  Much like the use of sonar by bats, the way we engage with the world, how we navigate our local environment can be heightened through a more connected relationship to sound.  Through these material experiments children of all ages can explore the wonders of sound, of noise their own voice and the sonic properties of the material world.

Materials Required: Corn flour, cling film, water, spatula/wooden spoon, music speaker, light flexible card (birthday card thickness/quality), sellotapte, scissors, pencil, string and a cup.

Artist David Beattie is an artist and lecturer based in Dublin.  Assembled from a variety of everyday materials his work attempts to provide a framework for assessing our daily surroundings and is manifested through sculpture, installation, sound and photography. 

See our web link for the making videos which will be released for June 13th and join in the fun. 

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Online Event

13 Jun 2020

10.00AM - 4.00PM

Age range

All ages