15 June 2019

Deadalum – Luminarium

Join Architects of Air for this unique opportunity to witness the premiere outing of a luminarium in County Wicklow. 

The Daedalum is a new luminarium just released in 2019. It will tour the world following appearances in Wicklow at festivals, children’s events and corporate and community occasions. 

It is named after Daedalus, who, in Greek mythology, was the father of Icarus and the architect of the Labyrinth of Minos.

Daedalum’s core element is a maze of 19 egg-shaped domes. The arrangement of the translucent elements (the dome tops and pods) is designed to produce vistas and hues of considerable variety and subtlety. 

The spatial conception creates mysterious sight lines and allows colour to be altered from event to event. This flexibility over the colour experience makes Daedalum one of the most painterly of the luminaria in terms of artistic control.

*This event is wheelchair accessible 


10am-10.40am | 11am-11.40am | 12pm-12.40pm | 1pm-1.40pm | 2pm-2.40pm | 3pm-3.40pm | 4pm-4.40pm | 5pm-5.40pm





Russborough House & Parklands
W91 W284

15 Jun 2019

10.00AM - 5.40PM

Age range

All ages