15 June 2019

Djembe Drumming

  • Performance/Show

In Mali, they say the name of the djembe comes from the saying ‘anke djé, anke bé’, which translates to ‘everyone gather together in peace’ and defines the drum’s purpose. 

The djembe drum is carved from hardwood with a drumhead made traditionally from goatskin.The djembe can produce a wide variety of sounds, making it a most versatile drum. The drum is very loud, allowing it to be heard clearly as a solo instrument over a large percussion ensemble. 

This drumming circle will be lead by Frank Whelan. Frank spent several years learning and playing the djembe drum in Guinea, taught by traditional drumming masters. Frank will introduce you to West African percussion. You will learn basic playing techniques and will leave having learned a simple arrangement of a traditional rhythm.


Ages 7-12 | 11.30am-1pm 

Ages 12-18 | 1pm – 2.30pm

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15 Jun 2019

11.00AM - 3.00PM

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