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13 June 2020

#DroicheadConnects presents SELKIE – An Original Story and Film

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SELKIE an original story and a short film written and performed by Grainne Rafferty, filmed by Ewan McNulty and produced by Droichead Arts Centre. 

A story of how a Selkie came to be in Clogherhead. A story perfect for the current times. Selkies are predominately mythological creatures from Irish, Scottish and particularly from Orkney and the Shetland Islands folklore.

“…….unafraid that anyone would hear him he sobbed unreservedly till tears ran down his cheeks and dropped to the water that lapped at his feet. When he was finished he heard a voice in the darkness say “Salt water is the cure for everything”.  He jumped up clutching the bag in his hand for a fear had taken over him, “who’s there? He said, “are you in the water? I can’t see your face the moon is behind you”The most beautiful woman he’d ever seen emerged from the rocks just to his right.  “Saltwater, it’s either sweat, tears or the sea”.

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#DroicheadConnects presents SELKIE – An Original Story and Film

Online Event

13 Jun 2020

11.00AM - 2.00PM

Age range

All ages