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12 June 2021

Feelings – A Theme for Creative Expression

  • Workshop

A series of children’s workshops with Ruth Wood took place in April and May in West Clare.  These were designed to be primarily a fun and an engaging process to aid the creative expression of participants experience of the Covid 19 pandemic. They explored a feeling through line, colour and collage. The children made a number of images with a range of art materials.  Ruth Wood is a visual artist and creative facilitator.

Workshops are prerecorded and available to do online. Ruth will present a short tutorial on the process and how to create your own piece at home. 

Materials required to join in are:  white card, colored card, pencils, quality chalk, gel crayons.

A photographic portrait tableau of each child with an object of comfort will be presented by video on 12 June. 

This prerecorded video will be available all day on Clare Library YouTube channel and shared on Creative Ireland Clare FB, 12th June. 


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Online Event

12 Jun 2021

12.45PM - 1.00PM

Age range