Filming and Editing on a Smartphone

Filming and Editing on a Smartphone

Central Library
Oliver Plunkett Road
Co. Donegal
F92 R273
10:00am - 2:30pm
Event Type
Digital Media, Film, Visual Art
Age Range
Filming and Editing on a Smartphone

This workshop introduces its participants to the basic principles of filming a two-person dialogue using film industry standard techniques using just a smartphone or tablet.

The trainees will be divided into two groups of six and each person in a group will be assigned one of the following positions in the production team

  • Producer
  • Director
  • Camera operator
  • Sound recordist
  • Two actors

Participants will learn:

  • an understanding of the role and responsibilities of each of the positions on a basic production team
  • to write a shot list
  • importance of a shooting schedule and adhering to it
  • the meaning of and shorthand for the basic shots - wide shot, mid-shot, and close-up, over the shoulder, and the importance of not crossing the line
  • to take shots from a variety of angles using a series of takes
  • the use of the clapper board
  • to use a camera on a smartphone
  • to use an external microphone
  • to edit clips of the good takes from the appropriate angles to create the scene