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11 June 2022

Fire and Bubble Celebration

  • Performance

Creative artist Paulina will visit St. Oliver’s Special School and perform an interactive multisensory fire and bubble show with each child in the school.

Paulina has worked with the school previously and has developed a special relationship with the children. The children in St. Oliver’s often access the curriculum and the wider world through the senses and Paulina’s show reaches the children through many avenues.

The children love to follow the bubbles, explore them, play with them, and many will step into a huge bubble. It is accessible to all the children taking part. This performance explores the element of fire and children are able to explore this element in a fun and safe way. 

Please note, this is a school project and is not open to the public.

St. Oliver's School


St. Oliver's School
Co. Galway

11 Jun 2022

Age range

All ages