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Galway City Local Ambassadors

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Shabbach Girls – Galway City

Names and Ages:

Iziegbe Renée Osayimwen Age 18

Jessica Oguekwe Age 16

Elizabeth Aliemeka Age 15

Kimberly Aliemeka Age 18

Tell us about yourself

Iziegbe: I have been singing from a very young age with very strong vocals. I love reading and I enjoy all genres. I am also passionate about writing but never actually published any of my writing. It’s amazing the amount of emotion that can be put into words when writing.

I love arts and crafts. I taught myself to knit, crochet and embroidery, with embroidery as my favourite of the three.

I would say that being creative is what I am meant to do in life. Music is my everything, there has not been a day in the last 5 years that I have not listened to music or sang. I love exploring diverse artists because I pride myself in listening to everything, from gospel which I am accustomed to, to classical and  Japanese music. Music is a gift that should be shared and limiting yourself to just one genre or language is stopping you from opening the gift.

Jessica: I’m 16 years old and I love to read and write

Elizabeth: I am 15 years old and I have my own cosmetics line where I make lip products (and hopefully skincare soon too!)

Kimberly: I am 18 years old, my talents were discovered in church and they have helped me develop them

Earliest memory of creativity or creative accomplishment

Iziegbe:My earliest memory of creative accomplishment was when I was about 4 and my mum got me a pink microphone set for Christmas. I used it all the time to sing around the house  as well as make small fun documentaries.

Jessica: When I started my Youtube channel at age 10.

Elizabeth: From what I can remember I only realised I had a talent for drawing when I was in first year of secondary school!

Kimberly: I joined my first talent show when I was 7!

When/how did you begin your favourite creative activity?

Iziegbe: When I was 7, I joined a talent show that was held in the church which I currently attend. This was the first time I sang on a stage and also joined the children’s choir at age 7.

Jessica:I started writing books at age 12 when I got an idea from my brother’s dream

Elizabeth: I really started paying attention to my creative ability during lockdown when my best friend and me would challenge each other, she really helped push my ability!

Kimberly: I began my favouirte activity (singing) through church! I started in the childrens choir but am now in the main.

How do you feel when you’re being creative?

Iziegbe: I feel peaceful and happy.

Jessica:I feel quite free and adventurous as there are a lot of possibilities when writing.

Elizabeth: I feel like I’m connecting with my inner feelings and laying them out.

Kimberly: It feels like I’m sharing a story and a message, it feels freeing.

What advice would you give other young people to encourage their creativity?

Iziegbe: Don’t worry too much about how it looks or how it sounds. Just keep doing it. If you find joy in it then it is worth doing. As you grow, you always get better at and master it if you do not give up.

Jessica: I would say just start! Don’t wait until you think you are skilled enough, just start and let it flow.

Elizabeth: Don’t ever think you’re too young to do the thing you love! Don’t let fear stop you from dreaming big!

Kimberly: Honestly, just do it! Find other people who enjoy what you do!

Who is your creative hero and why?

Iziegbe:I don’t believe I could say that I have one singular creative hero, honestly. But I can definitely say that Lin Manuel Miranda is someone I really admire, he’s an inspiration to me .

Jessica: God is my favourite creative hero because he gives me all the inspiration to do what I do.

Elizabeth: My creative heroes are my mom, my sister and my pastor! They helped me discover my gift and helped push it into the world.

Kimberly:  My creative hero is my pastors wife, she discovered my gift and has encouraged me since I first started singing.

Finish the sentence, ‘creativity is…’

Iziegbe:  ….Freedom, an escape, a way of life.

Jessica:  ‘…..freeing your mind to do what it knows it can.’

Elizabeth: ‘ ……your ability!’

Kimberly: ‘…….being able to express yourself in a way that you want, and a way that makes you happy.’

In your own words, what’s the best thing about Ireland having Cruinniú na nÓg, a national day celebrating creativity for young people?

Izeigbe: It shows how the creativity of young people is being taken seriously and seen as important when that is exactly what it is. Recognizing and celebrating creativity in young people is vital for the growth of the next generation.

Jessica: It gives creative young people exposure and it also inspires other young people to be creative.

Elizabeth: It’s a great way to help young people discover who and what they are through creativity!

Kimberly:  I think it’s an amazing way to encourage young people to be creative and authentic.

Shannon and Shirley – Galway City

Names and Ages:

Shannon and Shirley Ward, both 18


Leaving Certificate

Tell us about yourself

Shannon: I have an extreme love of music and have found it to be important in all stages of my life, I also love to read in my free time.

Shirley:  I’m an eighteen year old twin. I love playing instruments and I’m currently learning to play the baritone ukelele.

Earliest memory of creativity or creative accomplishment

Shannon: My biggest creative accomplishment was releasing my first single this February. It was an enjoyable experience and I learned a lot along the way.

Shirley: My big creative accomplishment was releasing ‘After Glow’ , our first single this year! My earliest memory of creativity was singing nursery rhymes with my Cousins

When/how did you begin your favourite creative activity?

Shannon: I began to write music during lockdown and although lockdown was really hard , it gave me the opportunity and time to pursue music and songwriting.

Shirley: We began our creative journey into music when we were fourteen. We released our first cover single ‘SImple Things’ with Forogie soon after and put it up on YouTube, the rest is history!

How do you feel when you’re being creative?

Shannon: I feel really centred and focused but equally calm as I try to convey my emotions as words

Shirley: Honestly, being creative makes me feel very fulfilled and excited. I love when I’m in the studio or writing songs. I feel happy find ways to express myself through music.

What advice would you give other young people to encourage their creativity?

Shannon: To find their own space and to try and focus on how you want your music to make the listener feel.

Shirley: If you love doing something be it art, music, or writing, do it! Most people will tell you you need a plan but

Who is your creative hero and why?

Shannon: Taylor Swift is my creative hero as I find her lyricism inspiring, especially in her recent album.

Shirley: I love artists like Christina Perri and Aurora and I’ve listened to them since I was little and just really wanted to do what they do.

Finish the sentence, ‘creativity is…’

Shannon: ‘….the ability to express your message in a way unique to you’

Shirley: ‘…..the freedom to express yourself through any art you want.’ 

In your own words, what’s the best thing about Ireland having Cruinniú na nÓg, a national day celebrating creativity for young people?

Shannon: The best thing about Cruinniú na nÓg is that it is an outlet for youth voices in Ireland to express their opinions in a place where it is being listened to.

Shirley: I think it gives young people a voice to start up a conversation about music and issues young people face trying to express themselves through music, for example a lack of facilities in their area.

Shannon and Shirley will be performing their new single ‘Afterglow’ in Galway City at the Youth Music Event presented by Live Feed Music Generation.

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10 Jun 2023


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