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12 June 2021

Go Fly Your Kite: Up Up and Away

  • Workshop

Go Fly Your Kite’s Up Up and Away kite design workshops focus on fun through learning. The children use their blank diamond kite as a blank canvas that they can design and theme, either freestyle or with provided images that they can trace and colour. Once the kite is built, they’ll be able to fly their very own bespoke creation.

During the workshop, the children will learn to setup and organize their workspace. Then we will show them how to place and trace the supplied graphic to design their kite, if they choose to use it rather than draw freestyle. Time will be provided so that the children can colour and express themselves in their design.

The next stage is the kite construction. We will guide the children through this quick process, finishing with the handle and string being attached to the front of the kite. To wrap up this fun and exciting experience, we will discuss how to fly the kite correctly and safely for hours of fun and exercise outdoors.

For this workshop, we use an easy-to-follow step-by-step process with examples for each stage. The workshop will be hosted and recorded with a school in Co. Kildare and showcased on June 12th. Materials will be supplied to school. 

Click on links below to view the children of St. Conleth’s National School Derrinturn make and fly their kites.

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Online Event

12 Jun 2021

Age range

All ages