15 June 2019

Hand in Hand

  • Workshop

Killawalla Community Council will host an event which will provide a foundation for keeping alive skills which were once considered common practice in the area.

We will hold an all-day event to consist of a demonstration of the work which has to be done with wool from scratch by Carina Coyne from Joyce Country Wool. An introduction to the washing process and natural dying process via a slide show will be followed by a demonstration of carding and spinning the wool, visually showing the children how the wool gets from its raw state to the product they will be using.  

Followed by a break, there will be an introduction to the crafts of knitting and crochet. There will also be a demonstration of weaving on a loom by Joyce Country Wool.

The plan is to have some of the local women’s group come along and show the children how to crochet/knit a simple scarf on the day. The aim is to introduce the crafts that would once have been taught in National Schools to the children, handing on the skills as well as having the generations mixing and socialising.

The children will be split into age groups and given an opportunity to try carding and spinning the wool in turns as the other groups are working on the skills of knitting or crocheting.

Please register your place by phone. 

Tel: (087) 631 3533 (Alice Rowley)



Co. Mayo

15 Jun 2019

10.00AM - 4.00PM

Age range

9 - 12