Hip-Hop Hooray

Hip-Hop Hooray

St John Bosco Youth Centre
Davitt Road
Dublin 12
Co. Dublin
D12 EDN2
1:00pm - 2:00pm
Event Type
Workshop, Performance
Creative Writing, Music
Age Range
9-12, 13+
Hip-Hop Hooray

Led by some of the rising stars of the Irish urban music scene, Hip-Hop Hooray is series of hip-hop and rap music workshops which aim to unlock young people’s creativity.  
Devised by the Word Up Collective, Hip-Hop Hooray brings a unique approach to education – using hip-hop and rap music to unlock young people’s creativity. Having produced a series of critically acclaimed tracks and performed at shows and festivals across the country, our artists are ready to teach others to rap in a fun and relaxed environment. In doing so, they will encourage students to explore and write about issues that are very personal to them – including mental health concerns, bullying and future hopes.  Over the course of a ninety-minute workshops in advance of June 23rd, attendees will:

• Form and name their own rap crew

• Come up with signature dance moves

• Understand hip-hop slang, flow syllables and word structure

• Learn how to write to a beat

• Explore important issues and topics through lyric writing

• Perform their own original track and moves.  
On June 23rd, a video of the workshops will be released online at thebosco.ie and on wordupcollective.com.