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12 June 2021

If Trees Could Talk

  • Workshop

‘If Trees Could Talk’ is an exploration of artist Louis Haugh’s photographic work for primary school children. His photographs will be presented on a billboard in Portmarnock, Fingal, during May and June, enabling children to view the work at scale.

The project will introduce the children to Louis’ photographic works as a starting point for conversations about trees. These photographs are a result of Louis’ body of research on the history of commercial forestry in Ireland and how Sitka spruce plantations have shaped the Irish landscape for the last 100 years. 

Louis will be joined by educator Anne Bradley and together they will lead the children in a series of engaging and practical workshops designed to explore a number of themes including botany, seed collecting, landscape, mythology, and storytelling from indigenous cultures of North America, where the Sitka spruce is a native tree.

The children will have the opportunity to engage and experiment with a number of visual processes, including large-scale photography, drawing, mapping, and artist-led discussions on the photographic practice. Each child in the class will receive a multi-sensory discovery pack as part of these classroom-based workshops.

This project will be based in a pre-chosen school and is not open to registration. A recording progress will be made available to all primary schools in Fingal with special engagements in Portmarnock.

Fingal Arts

Online Event

06 May 2021 - 12 Jun 2021

Age range

All ages