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12 June 2021

Imagination Space: Building Together

  • Workshop

Come join visual artist Martina Coyle and have fun creating dens/sculptures using natural and human-made materials found in and around your home!

You’ll go on an adventure and explore your ‘sense of place’ with Martina, who shares with you inspirational images of art and architecture.

With materials you have already sourced, the making and building begins in this live interactive workshop, which is a perfect opportunity for fun co-creation with siblings or with friends that are in your bubble. 

Required materials: (no need to buy anything—just use whatever you have on hand)

  • Computer/tablet with internet access for Zoom (placed on a table at children’s eye level)
  • Old sheets, scarves, fabric, pillow cases, etc. to use to make the artwork. Materials will not be damaged in any way during workshop.
  • Large and small sticks/ branches found outside your home
  • String, rope, wool, pegs
  • Any natural material found around your home, such as wild flowers, buttercups, dandelions, moss, branches, pebbles and stones

Also good to have:

  • Anything that you feel would be interesting to build with
  • Cardboard boxes, sheets of paper, crayons, paints, and brush


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Online Event

12 Jun 2021

11.18AM - 12.18PM

Age range