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12 June 2021


  • Workshop
  • Performance

Digital Home for Music Creativity

Everyone’s a musician, everyone is a creator! From the day we are born we can all create sounds, in diverse and interesting ways.

Would you like to explore your musical ability and enjoy music creativity through exciting, fun, and challenging content? Imagine-Orchestra will provide you with access to digital resources that explore the creation of music and sound, through instruments, the body, and items around the home. The digital hub will provide learning materials, and a platform for co-creation and collaboration.

All the resources created are inclusive and accessible. They include the use of Irish Sign Language, screen reader accessible platforms, and adapted digital resource/information for children with physical and/or intellectual challenges.

The Imagine-Orchestra hub will have five main areas, each containing theme specific multi-media content, downloadable resources, and more information

  1. Meet the Instruments
  2. Music Makers
  3. My Sounds
  4. Sounds All Around
  5. Let’s Play!

Join in a series of public access online event workshops leading up to Cruinniú na nÓg 2021 and be part of an online concert celebrating all the participants creativity, alongside tutors and guest artists.  Imagine-Orchestra Music Marathon on the 12th June will be a world record attempt of the largest virtually performing music ensemble. The record stands at 1320, we will aim to beat it!

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04 May 2021 - 12 Jun 2021


Age range

All ages