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12 June 2021

Irish Storytelling Workshop and Performance

  • Workshop

Aindrias de Staic is an Irish fiddle player and one of a new generation of Irish storytellers. He performs in both the Irish language and in English. Aindrias is well known for his vibrant style of fiddle performance and charismatic stage presence.

Aindrias will present a virtual workshop and performance focusing on the rhythm and music within Irish storytelling. Aindrias will use expressive delivery, rhythmical interludes, and dramatic characters in this exciting and energetic programme. The workshop is ideal for teenagers and will feature a mix of performance, readings and music. It will explore storytelling internationally but will shine a spotlight on traditional storytelling in the West of Ireland.

Places are limited. Please book in advance by emailing Zoom access is required.

More Information from Creative Ireland Clare

Online Event

12 Apr 2021 - 12 Jun 2021

4.30PM - 5.00PM

Age range