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12 June 2021

Kildare Derby Festival Kites

  • Workshop

Create bright, bold designs for a silkscreen kite in this workshop led by international artist Lia Laimbock, who is based on the Curragh.

Open to teens age 15 to 17, this workshop is an opportunity to use wide brushes and bright colours to create works of art that can be seen from afar. The designs will be printed on silkscreen and then attached to a lightweight framework and gear that’s needed to make them fly.

You will create your design by painting on a 160 grams diamond-shaped paper, 150 x 90 cm, or 5 by 4 ft. These will become the blue prints for the silkscreen printing. You can also choose to attach a tail to your kite with bunting or bows.

The finished kites will then be flown on the Curragh as part of the Kildare Derby Festival.

Depending on restrictions, the workshops will take place online via Zoom or in person in Kildare Town. The programme is open to secondary school students in Kildare Town and the Curragh area. Schools will be able to nominate two students. Materials will be provided.

Workshops will take place on Saturday 12th. View promotional video through link provided below.

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Online Event

12 Jun 2021

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