The Language of Trees

The Language of Trees: Ogham in the Dome

The Organic Centre
Co. Leitrim
11:00am - 1:00pm
Event Type
Visual Art
Age Range
The Language of Trees

The Language of Trees: Ogham in the Dome is an eco-art workshop for children based on Ogham writing, the ancient Irish alphabet which incorporates both text and art and is a basic communication system formulated on plant symbols.

The workshop will be held in the inspiring location of the geodesic herb dome at The Organic Centre, an appropriate venue contextually as the content of the workshop is based on nature and specifically trees and The Organic Centre is an ecological hub surrounded by woodland.

The event will begin with a gentle tree walk to introduce participants and their parents to The Organic Centre, the topic of Ogham, as well as the relevant tree and plant identifications relating to the ancient Irish Ogham alphabet. This will be followed by a visual art workshop in the geodesic herb dome, a place filled with light and plants.

Participants will come away with an understanding of the old art of Ogham writing and their very own Ogham messages. Parents will be equally welcome to create their own Ogham pieces and to wander the extensive gardens and tunnels of The Organic Centre in high summer when all is in bountiful bloom, in what should be an enriching experience for all involved.