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12 June 2021

Let’s Celebrate the Summer: A Drawing Workshop

  • Workshop

Since the beginning, humans have marked time and created stories by noticing the seasons and watching the stars.

Before we had books, these ancient people left their mark and told their stories through stone carvings and cave paintings. In this workshop, we will take inspiration from the symbols and patterns left by our ancestors at sites like Newgrange, the Chevreaux Caves and others, to create our own large drawing to celebrate the spring. 

Materials required for each workshop:

  • paper (A4 white or any colour and card is fine too)
  • a glue stick/Pritt stick or sellotape
  • something to draw with 

This live workshop will be held via Zoom. You must book in advance via Eventbrite in the link below.

Eventbrite link to the Let's Celebrate the Summer: A Drawing Workshop

Online Event

12 Jun 2021

10.30AM - 11.30AM

Age range