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12 June 2021

‘Let’s get Knitting’

  • Workshop

Living on an island where sheep are intrinsic to the landscape, entire generations can lay claim to a grandmother who knit them the ubiquitous woollen jumper. Ingrained in the national psyche, the art of knitting is currently enjoying a resurgence. In this era of fast fashion, Airfield will get the nation knitting through a suite of on-line, wool related activities, designed to enrich the cultural fabric of children and young people.

Reconnecting a diverse range of fledgling knitters with the art of Irish wool processing, natural plant dyes and a panoply of creative knitting techniques, we want you to foster a long-term affinity with Irish wool, sustainability, and creativity through multi-generational engagement.

When you join in Knitting across the Nation: Airfield to Aran, you will explore:

  • Heritage of Irish wool: social and commercial history, husbandry of dual-purpose sheep, and biodiversity.
  • Processing wool: traditional sheep shearing, carding, spinning, weaving and creative knitting.
  • Natural plant dyes: cultivated and foraged plants, and by-products of food production.
  • Creative knitting: sustainability, heritage of Aran stitches, knitting techniques, fun embellishments.

And when you’re finished you will;

  • Produce hand knit woollen hand warmers or samplers of natural plant dyed wool.
  • Contribute to a photographic record to the Cuinniú na nÓg Airfield on-line scrapbook.

The art of knitting provides children and young people with a creative outlet, while improving dexterity and hand-eye coordination and a valuable life skill.

Beginner’s Knitting workshop
Advanced Knitting Workshop
Dyeing wool intro and workshop
Dyeing wool intro and workshop 2
Processing Irish Wool
Heritage of Irish Wool
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12 Jun 2021


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