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12 June 2021


  • Screening

Imagine a time when a person from Mayo will walk on the moon. You are invited to imagine that time and to draw or paint a picture or use any medium of your choice that in some way shows Mayo on the Moon. 

Did you know there are plans afoot to land a man and woman on the moon as early as 2024.  There is nothing to inhibit the possibility that an astronaut from Mayo will become part of that reality.

This video presentation by Deirdre Kelleghan invites children and young people to think creatively and understand our solar system, space exploration and the night sky.

Young audiences will hear about the near future of space exploration and are invited to be innovative and creative while having fun. A person on the Moon in the colours of Mayo, flags, symbols, logos, moon tractors , moon diggers, moon sports, moon houses, or whatever sparks the imagination.


Online Event

01 Jun 2021 - 12 Jun 2021

Age range

All ages