15 June 2019

Moving Image

  • Workshop

Learn how to build a projection theatre and create a moving, theme-based visual story with Elizabeth Archbold.

Children will experiment with shape and scale to make a story reel, projecting images onto their theatre screens. Wiring batteries and a bulb to illuminate drawn shapes,  unpredictable images can be viewed from the front of the screen, changing with rotation of the shapes turntable.

Children can explore the illusion of near and far on their screen image and consider how the changing shapes and spaces make the story. As an introduction to the use of the electronic components, the group will have a chance to make a drawing robot using batteries, a small weighted motor, and a recycled container.

Suitable for ages 5-8.

To book your space please email kevinstreetlibrary@dublincity.ie


Kevin Street
Dublin 2

15 Jun 2019

3.30PM - 5.00PM

Age range

5 - 8