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13 June 2020

Music Therapy for Everyone

  • Workshop

Music Therapy is a relatively new concept and therapeutic intervention in Ireland. It is effective across all age groups, as the therapist adapts to the specific need of each individual client.

On 13 June, music therapist Jessica Sinclair introduces you to music therapy, who it is for, what’s involved, its effectiveness and benefits for the individual or a family. Music therapy is typically conducted in a live face-to-face session, where the therapist responds and musically attunes to the client in real time. However, today Jessica will introduce you to some therapeutic techniques that you can try at home during this time. 

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Jessica is an IACAT registered music therapist at Churchtown School of Music and works on the MGdlr programme. She currently works with children with a wide range of additional support needs, using music therapy as a tool to facilitate connection and expression for those who may respond better to a non-verbal intervention, or may have difficulty verbally articulating their thoughts and feelings. Jessica also delivers music therapy in dementia care settings and has previous experience working in acute adult psychiatry.

Music Therapy for Everyone

Online Event

13 Jun 2020

10.00AM - 10.00PM

Age range

All ages