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12 June 2021

My Home Is… Crumlin

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The motivation for this film work is to give a voice to children who are growing up in a part of the city that is generally considered underprivileged. Crumlin lacks greenery, inspirational public places, creative hubs, playgrounds and in general – any facilities for young people. 

Do they see that? Would they change anything about Crumlin? What is their favourite spot in Crumlin and why? Where is their least favourite spot and why? What would they do in Crumlin if they had unlimited resources? What do they think about littering? Do they think they can help save and green the planet? Is this even a priority for them and if not, why?

The aim of the film is to point to problems, and solutions, in the area through children’s eyes, especially through those who are growing up playing on our streets and in our neighbourhoods. This is their home, but is it good enough? They need to tell us.

In turn, can this be used as context to inspire adults to make landscape decisions that contribute to positive developmental changes in the area and not eradicate them further? The film should start a discussion about opportunities to improve what is traditionally perceived as a deprived area of Dublin.

The format of the video will be short snippets from the interviews with children, mixed with shots from various Crumlin areas that will be mentioned in the content.

Watch the video on 12th June through this Vimeo Account.

Watch the video on 12th June



12 Jun 2021

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