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12 June 2021

Nature Connection

  • Workshop

Using the ethos of Forest School, participants of this programme will spend four days fully immersed in nature. It’s an opportunity for young people to learn what nature has to offer, from exploring diverse plant species and edible wild foods to cordage making and cooking lunch on the fire. They will experience an interactive and educational environment designed to help them feel welcomed, supported, and connected. 

The young people participating in Nature Connection will also learn about a number of arts and craft projects that can be created from nature using all natural materials, such as:

  • Hapazome – printing with leaves
  • Elder pencils – making your own pencils with the Elder tree
  • Woodland jewelry

Over the four days, the group will decide which activities they would like to present to the public and develop the confidence and skills needed to do so. Then they will present and record a demonstration video that will be shared on the Creative Ireland website and local social media by June 12th. 

Interested participants can email their name, age, and phone number to for more information on the programme. 


Kildare Projects Group Facebook

Online Event

02 Jun 2021 - 12 Jun 2021

Age range

All ages