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13 June 2020

Nature Journals with Mud Bugs in Collaboration with Leitrim Libraries

  • Workshop

Nature Journals

Jess from Mud Bugs will show us how to create our very own nature journal where we can record all of your findings and observations from nature in our own gardens and outside spaces. Create this journal to keep all of your feathers, leaves and creations in one place. 

Jess will show you how to create the journal itself and give you lots of tips and ideas on what you can include and how to add them to the journal. Jess will explain how you can press flowers and leaves so you can create pictures or just stick them into your journal. 

Through an online live workshop, each step will be explained and the different ways to simplify or extend this activity so it can be created with children from 6 years and up.

Enjoy everyone, let’s have fun and get stuck in!

Mud Bugs

Online Event

13 Jun 2020

Age range

All ages