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11 June 2022

Nature’s Secret Circus

  • Workshop

Young people will explore their local landscape and learn about the geology and environment through interactive games. They will then identify those geographical features that they would like to represent through circus movement.

For example, they could make layers with their bodies to reflect the strata in the rocks or learn to tumble to echo the earth fallen down the cliff due to erosion.

Working with two circus tutors, the young people will recreate the geographical features they have chosen in simple circus moves. They are encouraged and supported to capture the landscape with their bodies, instead of writing about it with a pen or portraying it in paint.

These workshops enable young people to look at and interpret their neighbourhood in a new way. They learn about the local environment and find individual and unique ways to express their connection to it through circus. The aim is, when they next walk along the beach or through the field, they’ll repeat the same simple circus trick they’ve created and learned in response to it. They will see their local landscape as inspiring, fun and belonging to them.

The workshops are particularly suitable for those young people who are kinetic learners and for whom formal, written-word education is a challenge.

There are two workshops of 2.5 hours each taking place:

Keel Beach, Achill 11am–1.30pm

Corraun Peninsula 3pm–5.30pm

The workshops are free but booking is essential.

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Keel Beach, Achill
Corraun Peninsula
Co. Mayo

11 Jun 2022

11.00AM - 5.30PM

Age range