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12 June 2021


  • Workshop

Our Sensational Senses’ is a sensory scavenger hunt and an opportunity for children anywhere to explore and learn about their senses. Download your sensory pack here, a printable scrapbook and have your own sensory adventure. Included are prompts for looking, smelling, gathering, drawing and lots more! The sensory pack can also be viewed on any mobile device or tablet. (To draw/write on the pdf on your phone or tablet, download a free pdf editor like Autodesk Sketchbook app for Android or Small pdf’)

FAMILY EVENT: June 12th, 2-4pm. The Ballinglen Museum of Art, Main Street Ballycastle, Co. Mayo.

Áine will be present for an outdoor, creative, sensory, family event. We will run a number of  sensory scavenger hunts together. This is a space for children and young people (as well as their parents and guardians!) to explore the space around them and perhaps see it in a new light. Share your findings with us online with the hashtag #OurSensationalSenses which we will share on Facebook  and Instagram

This work is a collaboration between artist Áine OHara and Ballinglen Arts Foundation. Áine worked with local children online over zoom to consult before the design process. Sensory play and activities, along with being entertaining and interesting for children and young people, encourage exploration and investigation. These activities support children to use the scientific methodof observing, forming a hypothesis, experimenting and making conclusions.

Ballinglen Arts Foundation


Main Street

12 Jun 2021

2.00PM - 4.00PM

Age range

All ages