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13 June 2020

Playin’ Pots and Pans with Peter Crann

  • Workshop

Peter Crann is the founder and chief facilitator for WeDrum Ireland. He has been facilitating interactive drumming workshops nationwide for over 20 years. A quick humour and lively communication skills have earned him the reputation as one of Ireland’s top music workshop facilitators.

Starting with body percussion and sounds and beats on your body.
Then finding things in the kitchen that make sounds.

  • Deep sounds
  • High sounds
  • Shakey sounds
  • Scrapey sounds

Play along with me, a simple groove with stops and breaks!

This is event will be available in the link below at the time specified on Saturday 13th June.

Playin’ Pots and Pans with Peter Crann

Online Event

13 Jun 2020

3.00PM - 3.30PM

Age range

All ages