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13 June 2020

Púca’s Wonder Puppets 

  • Workshop

Púca’s Wonder Puppets invite Children within the Autism or Aspergers spectrum to a virtual playful encounter with their family

Welcome children of 6 – 9! Would you like to meet and play with the Wonder Puppets online? Follow the link below for full details.

Niamh Lawlor of Púca Puppets has been creating and performing with dramatic, multi-sensory, spectacle and storytelling puppets in many different contexts and applications since 1997. She is delighted now to take stock of some of these experiences and to develop and explore new ideas around the use of story, song, puppets and environments particularly designed to inspire, entertain, communicate and play. 

Follow the link below for this enjoyable experience.

Púca's Wonder Puppets

Online Event

13 Jun 2020

Age range