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13 June 2020

Rainbow Challenge

  • Workshop

Deirdre Kelleghan will tell a simple story about rainbows through drawing in this pre-recorded online workshop.

She will explain in the easiest of ways how rainbows form.

Then she will challenge the children who watch to draw their own rainbows with their new knowledge.

Recently, many children have drawn rainbows for display in their windows to give us hope and to show their families’ support for health care and other front line workers. A little knowledge learnt may build on the wonderful art already out there in our communities, and offer some more inspiration to encourage children to learn through visual creativity.

If you would like to take part, you will need some of the following materials:

  • White or black paper
  • Poster paint, acrylic paint or whatever paint is available
  • Pastels, soft or oil
  • Chalk
  • Coloured pencils

This event will be available on Saturday 13th June at the time specified by following the link below.

Rainbow Challenge

Online Event

13 Jun 2020

9.00AM - 8.00PM

Age range

All ages