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Roscommon Local Ambassadors – George and Isaac

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Names and Ages:

George and Isaac Naughton, both aged 13


Sixth Class

Tell us about yourself

Isaac: I am a twin and I live in Roscommon town. I love watching soccer and going to Youth Theatre.

George: I am a twin and a wheelchair user. I love to do artwork with different materials but my favourite is using acrylic paint

Earliest memory of creativity or creative accomplishment


Isaac: I have loved arts and crafts forever. When I was in Junior Infants I was Joseph in the Nativity Play. Since then I have loved performing.

George: I don’t remember a time when I didn’t have the opportunity to create either using art supplies, through gardening or even baking!

When/how did you begin your favourite creative activity?

Isaac: I got into performing arts because I had the opportunity to be in a play at such  a young age.

George:  I started painting seriously a few years ago and am building up three different pieces for my first art exhibition which is taking place this Summer!

How do you feel when you’re being creative?

Isaac: I feel very relaxed and at ease. It helps me think a lot and I also learn new things. I also love meeting new people.

George: Being Creative gives me a chance to express my thoughts and manage my emotions it makes me feel very peaceful.

What advice would you give other young people to encourage their creativity?


Isaac: Don’t doubt yourself. Do what you think is best for you. Always have courage and be brave.

George: Just keep doing whatever you enjoy doing and what makes you feel happy. Believe in yourself. Never, ever, give up!

Who is your creative hero and why?

Isaac: Ed Sheean is my Creative Hero. He is brilliant with words as well as music and all his songs tell a story.

George: Rita Oates is my creative Hero because she inspires me with her art and thoughts. Rita has helped me become more confident and creative!

Finish the sentence, ‘creativity is…’

Isaac: ‘….an expression of yourself!!’

George: ‘…finding something you love to do that helps you express yourself and build confidence’

In your own words, what’s the best thing about Ireland having Cruinniú na nÓg, a national day celebrating creativity for young people?

Isaac: It’s good because it gives young people an opportunity to express themselves without being judged.

George:  You get to show others your work as well as learning from and about other young people. Cruinniú na nÓg gives young people a voice.

George and Isaac will be attending a number of events in Roscommon for Cruinniú na nÓg this year. There will be a memorial held for their brother Archie who sadly passed away earlier this year called ‘The Light in Archies Eyes’ on June 10th.

Roscommon Events



10 Jun 2023


Age range

All ages