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12 June 2021

Scéal Trail: Dundrum Library Garden

  • Workshop

dlr Scéal Trail is an outdoor story walk that everyone can enjoy.

It’s a picture book delivered in an exhibition format that you can follow, from beginning to end, as you walk with your family or friends.

The aim of a Scéal Trail is to encourage reading in an outdoor setting, promote the use of books beyond the confines of library spaces and encourage engagement where parents, children, grandparents, siblings and friends can engage together with a book.

As the Scéal Trail is outdoors, it’s accessible 24/7!

dlr Libraries will present The Vanishing Lake Scéal Trail in Dundrum Library Garden on Saturday 12th June.

From debut author/illustrator Paddy Donnelly, comes a captivating tale celebrating a young girl’s determination, a Grandad’s wisdom, and the fantastical wonders of the natural world. This beautiful book is filled with imagination, the natural world, and the magic of storytelling. With thanks to YeeHoo publishers for permission.

dlr Libraries will also host online workshops for local schools from 7th-11th June including:

  • Reading by author/illustrator Paddy Donnelly 
  • Live draw-along of characters from the book
  • Reveal of Grandad’s secret stories that didn’t make it into the book!
  • A showing of sketches and other work from the creative process
  • Q&A with Paddy on where he gets his ideas and how he creates his illustrations
  • A talk on unusual natural phenomena and ecology for schoolchildren
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Dundrum Library
Upper Churchtown Road
Dublin 14

12 Jun 2021 - 04 Sep 2021

9.00AM - 9.00PM

Age range

All ages