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12 June 2021

Sew Stylish

  • Workshop

For this project, we will support young people to learn about the topic of fast fashion and explore the idea of promoting a circular economy through creative means over a period of six weeks. Young people will collaborate with a stylist who promotes use of second-hand and sustainable clothes and a local textile artist.

Learn how to upcycle clothing from your own wardrobe with an experienced textile artist! You’ll also learn how to style outfits and accessories sustainably, and discover how and where to buy clothes responsibly.

Working with as many existing materials as possible, we’ll use up what we have at home to create something new and exciting. Young people will have the opportunity to develop themselves through their style and feel excited about and confident in what they wear.

Young people aged 13-17 have been recruited for this five-week programme starting Wed 12th May 4.30-6pm.  

We will capture the project through videos and photos which in turn will be displayed at 11am on the 12th of June across Facebook and Instagram.




Tune in at 11am, June 12th

Online Event

04 May 2021 - 12 Jun 2021

Age range