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12 June 2021

Shake, Rattle and Roll

  • Workshop

Did you know that there are lots of musical instruments hidden in your house? You just have to find them! In these short workshops, Adam will show you how to easily make some small percussion instruments from things – shakers and tin-can drums.  And you’ll learn how to play them to make rhythm and music too. Grown-ups are required to help with this.

Materials required: Empty small plastic container(s) with a lid, lentils or rice, elastic bands, balloons, 2 flat bottle caps (or coins), Blu Tack or sticky tape, some light cardboard (like a cereal box).

These events are Live and can only be accessed at the times specified on the link below.

Click here for live event

Online Event

13 Jun 2020

10.30AM - 11.15AM

Age range