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12 June 2021

Short Films Premiere

  • Screening

You’re invited to the exciting premiere of two new short films presented by local young people and commissioned by Dunamaise Arts Centre. These works will be available on the Dunamaise Arts Centre’s YouTube and social media channels from Cruinniú day until the end of June.

‘A.I. Villagers’ by Mountrath Youth Theatre

Duration: 8mins28s

It’s online, what could happen? It’s just a bit of fun with friends, right?… Wrong.

(Please note: this short film contains some mild swear language used infrequently.)


‘Media Meltdown’ by Mountrath Community School Film Club

Duration: 4mins53s

What happens when our social media outlets try to socialise?!

YouTube are hosting a private chat with Twitter, but things rapidly go wrong when they realise that Twitter has invited everyone else to the gathering! Chaos, clashes and quarrels ensue. Social media at its finest!


Dunamaise Arts Centre YouTube Channel

Online Event

12 Jun 2021

9.00AM - 6.00PM

Age range