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13 June 2020

Slime Workshop

  • Workshop

Who doesn’t like playing with slime? It’s disgusting and fascinating at the same time – and we will show you how to make your own slime at home!

Join Calmast, WIT’s STEM Engagement Centre, to learn about slime, what it is, how to make different types of slime and more.

Materials required for Slime Workshop

Contact lens solution which contains boric acid and/or sodium borate (Boots contact lens solution works well)

Clear PVA glue (very important that it is clear not white) available in the Range

Baking soda


Disposable cup


Optional: glitter, food colouring

This pre–recorded event will be available at 12.30pm on the 12th of June on the Creative Waterford Facebook page, please follow the link below.

Click here for more information

Online Event

12 Jun 2020

12.30PM - 1.00PM

Age range