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11 June 2022

Story Spinners with Paul Timoney

  • Workshop

Story Spinners with artist Paul Timoney is a storytelling workshop using imagination and drawing to create a range of crackpot characters and make up phenomenal adventures about them.

The workshop is for ages 8-12 at the Parochial Hall, The Square, Rathdowney as part of  the Family Fun Day celebrations for Cruinniú na nÓg.

Participants begin by identifying some essential story making elements – characters, settings and obstacles for their characters to face. They make three three-minute drawings. The first is of a character which can be a person, animal or thing of any sort.

The second drawing is of a setting which can be real or imaginary. 

The third – an obstacle – can be serious or silly.

The elements are arranged in three circles. Participants then rotate a  Story-Spinning-Device (AKA a plastic bottle filled with wool and sparkles) to choose a character, setting and obstacle, which are incorporated into an improvised and hopefully somewhat coherent spontaneous collaborative story!

As spaces are limited for this workshop, booking is essential at / 089 408 1693.

For more information on booking a place


The Parochial Hall
Town Square

11 Jun 2022

2.15AM - 3.30AM

Age range