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12 June 2021

Sun Printing Workshop (Mud Island)

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In this online Sun Printing Workshop, participants will learn how to use solar power to print botanical designs on fabric. They’ll use leaves and other objects from nature, cotton fabric, and paint. They’ll also explore the science behind the process where capillary action draws the paint from shaded portions of the fabric into the drier, unshaded portions, leaving lightly coloured botanical shapes on a darker coloured background. The workshop will show them how to use their printed fabric for clothes or other useful items, such as napkins and drawstring bags.

The workshop is intended to encourage young people to spend time in nature and outside. It also uses materials that are easily accessible in order to explore design and create craft items and fashion accessories.

Materials needed:

• 100% white cotton fabric or clothing (you can recycle old bed sheets for the fabric or use any plain T-shirt or other clothing that you want to print on)

• Acrylic paint or fabric paint (darker colors recommended)

• Paint brushes

• Water in a bowl or small bucket

• A flat non-porous surface outdoors to work on (such as plastic bags or sheets)

• Nature materials: petals, leaves, blades of grass, etc.

This workshop will be presented via online video and will be available all day on June 12th through You Tube link 

You Tube Link

Online Event

12 Jun 2021

Age range

All ages